The International Festival of Young Pianists is an annual event that takes place in May in Tbilisi, Georgia. The festival aims to showcase the talents of young pianists from around the world and provide them with a platform to perform and connect with fellow musicians.

The festival features a competition component, in which young pianists compete for cash prizes and recognition. The competition is open to pianists between the ages of 8 and 25 and is divided into different age categories. The competition is judged by a panel of esteemed pianists and music educators.

In addition to the competition, the festival features a range of concerts, masterclasses, and workshops for pianists and music enthusiasts. The concerts showcase both the competition winners and invited guest performers, who are often internationally renowned pianists. The masterclasses and workshops provide young pianists with the opportunity to receive guidance and instruction from experienced teachers and performers.

The festival has a strong educational component, with a focus on promoting classical music and piano performance among young people in Georgia. The festival’s organizers work closely with local schools and music institutions to promote the festival and provide opportunities for young pianists to participate.

The International Festival of Young Pianists has gained international recognition for its high caliber of performances and its dedication to promoting young talent. The festival has helped launch the careers of many young pianists and has become an important event on the international classical music calendar.