Azerbaijan & Georgia attracts tourists not just with historical, cultural, architectural sights, but with its rich flora and fauna as well. If you intend to bring home after vacation not just a nice suntan, pleasant emotions, but a couple of hunting trophies as well.

Azerbaijan & Georgia is a unique countries in the territory of which there are mountains and sea coast, swamps and forests side by side. Thus, the fauna here is also perse: Azerbaijan & Georgia hunting entities will please you with a wide range of program choice — you can go hunting for quick martens or try and check your resilience and luck hunting for a Caucasian brown bear, you can shoot a pheasant, a duck or a bald-coot or hunt a wild goat.

Hunting in Azerbaijan & Georgia is for the adventures hunter, who wants a unique adventure and an outstanding experience. The actual hunting takes place in the vast mountains, at altitudes between 2000-3000 meters. You will most likely be hunting in Caucasus Mountains, which is a great trophy many hunters dream about. It is an extremely though hunting type, in some of the world’s most harsh conditions. All transportation is on foot or by horseback, and you can expected that your level of fitness will be put to the test. Hunting in Azerbaijan & Georgia is very demanding, and not only physically, but also regarding your shooting skills.

One of the popular hunting in Azerbaijan & Georgia is the bird hunting. There are certain kinds of pheasants, blackcocks, wild ducks, geese and lot of kinds of other birds. Every hunter has such trophies. We will offer many great bird shooting in Azerbaijan & Georgia.

You will experience a magnificent scenery, but also a very rugged terrain in the mountains of Azerbaijan & Georgia, as you leave civilization and home far behind. All in all, Azerbaijan & Georgia offers a fantastic hunting adventure in magnificent scenery, where the game has probably never seen humans before.

Sie können auf die Jagd nach Rogen, Braunbären oder Wildschweinen, Füchsen oder Wasserspielen oder Schnepfen oder Waldtauben gehen. Ihnen werden touristische Programme zur Jagd auf Fasane und Enten, Glatzköpfe und Rehe angeboten. In jedem Fall erhalten Sie die gesamte Ausrüstung, die für eine gute Jagd erforderlich ist. Erfahrene Jäger zeigen Ihnen „Fleischtöpfe“ - und geben ihr Bestes, damit Sie mit einer Jagdtrophäe nach Hause kommen.

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