Sightseeing is the activity of travelling around a city or region to see the interesting places that tourists usually visit.

Every city has its secret spaces, the sanctuaries that visitors sweep past unaware, unseen heartbeats of a close knit community. This is true in the cities where, so many grandly preening facades hide altogether less showy inner courtyards. More than just an access-way to apartment doors, each courtyard has its own unique social and domestic set-up, its own rhythm and atmosphere that absorbs and reflects the lifestyles of its residents in all their essence.

Our sightseeing tours takes you by the hand and ‘breaks the ice’ as you peep within such secret worlds. Try to understand how the townspeople really live, and what they care about. Discover the unwritten rules and children's games, encounter local characters, spy their arbours, observe the slow, measured lifestyle of teahouses, listen to local stories, and learn about those aspects of the city life which so often go unnoticed through the curious dark arches that pierce so many a city centre.

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:All Around Azerbaijan & Georgia

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