Masally is the administrative area in the south of Azerbaijan. This territory borders on Lankaran, Lerik, Yardimli, Jalilabad, Neftchala districts. In the east, the district is washed by the Caspian Sea, and in the west it approaches Talish mountains, Burovar ridge. Height of the territory reaches 917 metres (3,009 ft). There are mineral and geothermal springs in Masally. Average temperature is 2.1 °C (35.8 °F) in January, and 24.6 °C (76.3 °F) in July. The amount of annual precipitation is 600–800 millimetres (24–31 in).

The region is located in 270 kilometers south of Baku, right by the Caspian sea. Thanks to the mild subtropical climate, the average summer temperature in Masally is 29 degrees Celsius above zero while in winter it stands at 7 degrees above zero. The whole area is covered by dense forests with rare plants growing there including Persian ironwood – the wood of this tree is so heavy that it sinks in water! Since ancient times the locals use ironwood in production of looms and their details.

The abundance of rainfall and sunny days allow the Masally people to raise citrus fruits in their homeland. Masally is full of banana trees that diversify the landscape of the region.

You can find a lot of indoor and garden plants sold in Masally markets. One of the most popular is lantana that is known as yeddi gozel (seven beauties) in these places. This beautiful flower attracts with its pleasant smell – it comes from all flower parts, including stems and leaves. Because of its wonderful smell, lantana is used by the major worldwide perfume manufacturers. In natural conditions it is often found in ravines near ponds and rivers.

Vilash is the largest river of the district. The great Vilashchay, the longest and deepest river of the subtropical zone of Azerbaijan, flows through the territory of Masally district. Having the basin area of 935 square kilometers and length of 111 km, the river is rich in fish – therefore many people gather by Vilashchay to do fishing and watch the panoramic view of surrounding forests and mountains. There are broad-leaved forests of Girkan type-chestnut-leaved oak, hornbeam, beech, Persian ironwood tree, Girkan boxwood, Caucasian persimmon, medlar and others in the mountainous part of the district. Total area of the district's forests equals 16,870 hectares (41,700 acres). There are 107 villages in Masally.

Masally rayon was originated in 1930. Formerly, the territory of the district was the part of Arkevan area of Lankaran rayon. Before that, the territory of the district belonged to ancient Manna and Atropatena states. It was included into Talish khanate in the middle of XVIII century.

The center of the district is the city of Masally. Average population density is 159 people per km². Boradigah township, Badalan, Arkevan, Banbashi, Gizilagaj, Teze Alvadi, Chakhirli villages are the other largest population aggregates.

Did you know that the population density in Masally is even more than in China?

The number of populations in Masally district was 221,5 thousand people and the density was 308/1 km2 for January 1, 2017. At the beginning of 2018, total number of people was 223,8 thousand, which 113,5 thousand of them were men and 110,3 thousand of them were women. The number of people who live in the urban areas of Masally district was 50,8 thousand, while 173,0 thousand people lived in rural areas. There is an interesting Arkivan village in Masally being home to 18,000 people! The density of population here is 220 people per square kilometers. That is an absolute record throughout Azerbaijan by density.

Masally is an extremely colorful and interesting region of Azerbaijan. This region has always attracted many tourists thanks to its unique historical monuments, picturesque and unique nature and hospitality of local residents. Perhaps, hospitality is the main trait of the Masally people. Guests are always welcome here -- local citizens try to surround them with care and attention.

Masalli has long been known for its healing waters, the most famous of which is Istisu (hot water). This thermal spring comes out in several places by Vilashchay river, and is considered a magical spring thanks to its water that cures thousands of diseases.

Today, there is a Fatimeyi Zahra sanatorium placed at the spring. It annually receives many visitors who come not only to correct their health, but also to relax.

As for ethnicity of Masally citizens, most of the population are Azerbaijanis and Talysh people, who have different culture, traditions and cuisine. Tourists would be interested in buying traditional crafts in Masally such as braided mats, shawls, a lot of pottery, carpets, socks, gloves decorated with national ornaments, and wooden crafts.

Masally is rich not only in beautiful nature, but also its talented people – there is Khalay folk song and dance ensemble which was established in 1956. The ensemble consists of three groups -- elders, current generation and younger ones. The singers often travel around Masally, Azerbaijan and even foreign countries! These are Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Iraq. Overall, Masally has rich folk traditions -- that's why it was declared the folklore capital of Azerbaijan in 2012.

Of course, we should mention Masally cuisine! Rice dishes are widespread in the region. More than 20 types of this wonderful meal will delight even the most capricious foodies. Moreover, Masally is known for 23 species of meat dishes, nine fish dishes, eight types of cereals, five types of omelets, 28 fruit dishes. Pakhla and lobya and turshulu pilafs, largha, lavanghi, marzy, lyukhu...the list of Masally dishes is endless, and you should definitely taste them all!

For the past years, many modern hotels and recreation centers were built in Masally along with the existing guest houses. For example, there is Dashtvend recreation center with its hotel and cottages located near the Arkivan village and equipped in accordance with European standards. You can accommodate at the hotels and recreation areas Vilesh, Damir Agach, Rasim, in the sanatorium Turan and others. Many recreation centers organize tourist excursions, horseback riding and picnics in the woods.

Museum of History and Local Lore; The construction of the museum stated in 2014 and completed in 2016. The president Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the museum. The museum has an exhibition hall, administrative room, ideological center, fund, and drawing gallery.

Museum of History and Regional Studies; The museum has more than 7000 exhibits, which illustrates the history of Masally from Eneolithic period to 20th century. Exhibits include sculptures, carving, drawings, clothing, photos, arts, crafts, and documents.

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Popular Location: Istisu(Hot Water), Fatimeyi Zahra Sanatorium, Arkivan Village, Museum of History and Regional Studies, Museum of History and Local Lore, Vilash River,

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